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Heart diseases relate specifically to the heart, while cardiovascular disease affects the heart the blood vessels on both.
Transition Care for Cardiac patients deals with programs designed to provide rehabilitative care post any interventions for the same.


Cardiac care increases the patient's chances of early and effective recovery. The patient's medical condition will be thoroughly evaluated. The objective is to help the patients make lifestyle changes that will improve his/her heart health. This reduces the risk of any further heart problems. The care plan that our expert multidisciplinary team establishes, helps the patient regain strength, prevents worsening of the condition and reduces the risk of any further cardiac problems.
At Porvoo, our transition care program comprises critical care doctors, skilled nurses, dieticians and therapists experts in different disciplines like physical therapy and occupational therapy. The extent of care goals is a function of the patient’s current condition and complications in the acute part of the disease.
Emotional support during the transition care program is of utmost importance. These programs aim at the steady reduction of symptoms caused due to cardiovascular.

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