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Diet & nutrition are one of the key aspects when considering care plans for patients. Patients can either be given the diet orally or if they are unable to consume it orally then the diet is given through feeding tubes At Porvoo, our team of expert dieticians curate diet plans in sync with care plan goals of the patients. The diets are created in a hygienic environment by our team of medical chefs.

During Long Term ICU care & critical care, patient treatment is carried out as per a care plan developed by the medical team. The results of this treatment and patient progress have to be measured in multiple ways. This is important so that the medical team can understand the effectiveness of the current treatment and take a call on any kind of changes or the length of the treatments. Certain ways to determine results are the patient vitals, changes in the physical aspect of issues such as bed sores and by measuring other important body parameters. These parameters are measured by the help of diagnostics and radiology tests and the results form crucial information for the medical team in making decisions about the patient care plans. At Porvoo, we have an efficient & robust process to achieve quick and accurate diagnostic & Radiology test results.

One of the major disadvantages faced in homecare for patients is the quick availability of emergency medications in case the condition of the patient deteriorates. Stocking up these medications at home increases costs and most of such medication cannot also be returned. To make sure that such problems are not faced by patients, Porvoo has a dedicated IPD pharmacy which caters to the needs of the admitted patients. Our medical team and pharmacists have worked together to make sure all the medications and consumables are available which might be needed for a patient.

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