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Physiotherapy is a vital treatment that reduces the side effects of prolonged bed rest and mechanical ventilation during severe illness. Rehabilitation offered by the physiotherapist is specific to a patient's needs and depends on the health and psychological status of the patient. It promotes movement and mobilization in the patient's body. Progressive physiotherapy is important in reducing functional decline in the body.


  • Early activity :
    Conducted to achieve integrity of the musculoskeletal system. Includes both passive and active forms.
  • Positioning patients :
    To allow gravity to help sputum drain from the lungs.
  • Manual techniques such as shaking and vibrations :
    The main objectives of these techniques are loosening of the ribs and clearing of sputum.
  • Suction :
    By placing a small tube into the lungs to suck out the excess sputum.

Physiotherapy Goals are decided in communication with patient, patient’s family and the medical team. The goals are time-bound and divided into short, medium and long terms. The goals are flexible and can be changed during the course of the treatment to help the patient recover quicker.

Rehabilitation goals are set in communication with the patient, patient's family and the medical team and are divided into short, medium or long term and change throughout the patient's recovery from critical illness.They can be physical as well as psychological but are concerned with the functional needs of the patient. Goals will need to be achievable and based on a regular patient assessment of physical and non-physical consequences of the critical illness throughout their recovery and change according to the progress.


  • Plan an extensive rehabilitation programme to integrate and re-initiate the patient into society.
  • Achieve self dependence for ADL’s.
  • Regain your independence

Physiotherapists at Porvoo carry out a detailed assessment and work with the patient to create short and long-term goals. These goals help in gaining maximum recovery and significantly reducing secondary issues that may arise due to surgery.

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