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What is Transition Care?

Transition Care refers to the continuity of health care of patients during their movement from a hospital to their homes.
In the current healthcare scenario in India, a patient requiring services like critical care or post-operative care has broadly two options; either to be admitted in a hospital or to set up a hospital-like facility at home.
Providing the above services for a patient in a hospital can prove to be an expensive affair. On the other hand, keeping the patient at home requires critical care equipment, skilled medical professionals and trained helpers. Adding to this is the increase in the chances of infection, lack of immediate assistance coupled with emotional and physical stress for the family.
This is where a transition care center can act as a perfect solution making sure that the patient goes back home fully recovered.



Affordable :
One of the major worries for a patient family is the cost incurred when patients are admitted in a hospital. When a patient stays in a hospital post active treatment, the duration of stay can be long term which can result in huge bills. Transition care helps bring affordability to patients requiring long term care.

Personalised Care Plans :
Post a surgery or a critical illness, the patient’s recovery process and time taken are heavily dependent on the care plan execution by the medical team. Transition care centers specialise in executing these care plans so that the patient recovery journey is efficient and quick.

Focussed Approach :
Transition care’s focus is solely on treating patients post hospitalisation. This is where we differ from nursing homes. Nursing homes act as step up facilities whereas transition care centers act as step down facilities.

Creating the right Ecosystem :
Facilities like Transition care centers are the need of the hour. In an overburdened healthcare system, centers with such specialities help in better management of patient flows and reducing the load on hospitals, thereby promoting better quality healthcare.